Mother’s Day Gift Guide: For The WFM Mom

For the ones who balance work life and home life with grace and sophistication. They keep everyone in their household in line and still manage to submit the reports, take the zoom calls, and find a moment for themselves.

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The Finery

A treasure trove of place settings, delicate trinkets, and art masterpieces. Visit The Finery and gift her with just the thing to add a little charm to her work-home-setting.

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WFH moms tend to look up and realize they haven’t left their home all week. Char is just the answer for a get-out-of-the-house-treat. And if the weather allows, be sure she enjoys the cozy atmosphere of their swanky outdoor patio.

Eat Your Heart Out

Buff City Soap

The gift of total relaxation starts at Buff City Soap. From bath bombs to room fresheners, your WFH mom will thank you.

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VAMP Salon

Treat your favorite work from home mom to a relaxing and luxury hair experience at VAMP.

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